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Monster Guts The Home Haunters Resource - Wiper Motors, Power Supplies, Fog Machines ....prop building supplies with fantastic customer service.
Hi-Rez Designs Hi-Rez designs is the premier supplier of professional quality video and hardware props and prop components for haunted attractions.
Brookshire Software Brookshire is the creator of the VSA (Visual Software Automation) software. If you are thinking of making an animated prop this is a good place to start. VSA allows you develop and edit routines that sync servo motor movements (and other things such as lighting) to audio files. Brookshire also provides a ' 'stand alone' unit called the RAPU which is used in conjuntion with the VSA software. The RAPU unit allows you to develop routines using VSA and download the routines to the RAPU unit to run by itself without a computer.
Monkey Basic Monkey Basic provides a series of FREE software products that help you create, record and automate animation sequences when using Brookshire's VSA animation program. Monkey basic also provides one of the very few methods of using external triggers to start your animated sequences. .
HalloweenForum This is an excellent site dedicated to Halloween enthusiasts of all levels. Learn how to make all kinds of props and get any questions you have answered.
LynxMotion Lynxmotion provides the highly regarded SSC-32 servo controller as well as DC motors, stepper motors, motor controllers, gears, hubs and other products for robotics and prob building applications.
Servocity Servocity provides all types of servo motors, batteries and servo accessories including heavy duty pan/tilt sytems for servo motors .
Triaxial Skull Labs Triaxial Skull Labs provides high quality 3-axis skull kits and components
Jameco Jameco is an internet based distributor of electronic components of all kinds including some robotic components.
Electronic Goldmine Electronic Goldmine is distributor/clearing house of electronic components of all kinds. Their inventory changes all the time.
Parallax Parallax provides a ton of microcontroller systems like the Basic Stamp as well as educationtion tools, motors, motor controllers and sensors.
Acroname Acroname provides high end robotic systems, components and systems including motors, motor controllers and sensors such as the Sharp IR proximity sensors.
Skulltronix Skulltronix offers complete off-the-charts talking skull props. They also provide some system components for creating your own props and DMX systems..
Wolfstone Wolfstone is basically a huge collection of "how-tos" on all types of prop building. They have an excellent section on Halloween Technology that anyone building props should take a look at, although there is so much information there it will take you days to get through it.
Anatomical Chart Company Anatomical Chart Company has been providing anatomical props for educational purposes for ages. They also provide realistic "4th quality" skulls (bucky skulls) and skeleton parts for reasonable prices.
Monster List of Halloween Projects This is a list of nearly 1000 Halloween-related projects and how-tos.
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